Freight Invoice Factoring and Fuel Purchasing Services

Triumph Business Capital is a freight factoring company that provides simple invoice factoring services and fuel purchasing services to trucking companies and freight brokers of all size. Our difference is decades of experience, an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry, and a genuine interest in helping clients grow and succeed.


Since joining the Triumph Bancorp group in 2012, we’ve expanded our reach. We now serve over 1,000 factoring clients in multiple industries including: trucking, manufacturing, distribution, energy services, staffing and more. For non transportation related factoring services, please visit


We’ve also simplified the work of obtaining equipment financing, asset based lending and other financial services.

Truck Factoring Made Simple

Freight Factoring isn't hard to understand. If you're like most businesses, you need operating capital to run your business. But you may not be able to access the capital you need through traditional credit sources. That's where a freight factoring company comes in. Factoring means we'll buy your unpaid invoices—your Accounts Receivable—at a small discount. That provides you immediate cash to pay present and upcoming bills, without acquiring debt.

When you factor your invoices with Triumph Business Capital, you're connected to a Triumph company. Triumph Bancorp, Inc., our parent company, provides us bedrock financial stability that gives us the capacity and flexibility to provide our customers with a full range of services.

  • Prepare your invoices
  • Do billing
  • Get you paid in 24 hours or less
  • Run credit checks
  • Handle collections
  • Post images and accounting entries
  • Perform break-even analysis
  • Load and manage your discount fuel card
  • Provide access to factorable loads through DAT Solutions loadboards

You can also get your cargo and liability insurance through Triumph and we can also offer equipment financing and for larger fleets, revolving lines of credit.

Full Service Factoring only at Triumph Business Capital. If you aren't a customer of America's fastest growing factoring company, now's a great time to give us a look!